Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Comeback #1

So, I've decided to start writing and "dressing up" again. See where this will lead me, and so here's what I wore today. 

I'm wearing my gray Keds again after so long, I don't really know why I stopped wearing them, personally I think they look nice! I also put on my dark red pants I got from SM Moa, the department store there, along with the belt in that picture. My black v-neck is from Robinson's. My shades are from Vans, and finally, the white polo is from Giordano! It's not really that fashionable but I don't know, good enough for me! 

Thinking of cutting my hair... I don't know what style to use yet though. So yeah, this is my comeback into dressing up. Not very fashionable lots would say, but well think I care? Good enough for me! Peace.

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