Sunday, 29 July 2012


So, this is what I wore to school last Monday (I know, I know, such a late post.) This look was inspired by a person named Clement Lassarre. (Check his look out here! anyway, I did my own version of it. Less dramatic though... shot was taken in my room and not in the outdoor!

So here is a whole body pic of my look! as you can see, I kinda copied the look... actually, not kinda, I copied it a lot! I call this, "Thrifty?" I added the question mark, because I want you to be the one to decide.

Freego brown skinnies from Robinson's Department Store (P700)
Doc Martens boots from a bazaar (P1500) (btw, I checked if they were original just to find out. They are!)

Cross and Watch given as a gift. Red, White, and Black bracelet bought at the Supersale Bazaar (P50)

Gray Beanie from Pop Culture (P100)
Red round-neck T-Shirt from Whoops (got this as a set, 3 colors for P500)

Light Brown Rucksack from Flying Dutchman (P999)

So, that's it! picture's not so dramatic, sorry about that! Tell me what you think! Were these good things to buy? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. Peace.

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