Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Great 11th

I know this is really late but haven't had the time till now! 4 days ago, was very special to me! It was my 11th monthsary with my girlfriend! (Hi Coleen!). We had a great dinner at the Mona Lisa in Alabang! The place was amazing! Some people would say it's a bit too pricey but I beg to differ. When I celebrated with my girlfriend there, we ordered a Miguelito (something) Panizze and this kind of vegetarian lasagna. Frankly, the Panizze itself would have been enough. Unfortunately, I don't remember the price, I can tell you this though, IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! The lasagna was also irresistible, when the waiter laid it down on our table, I couldn't take my eyes off it and just had to try it! It was delicious, I guarantee that your money wont be wasted on a dish like that! I almost forgot to mention, their complimentary bread! Just thought I should mention it here as well, it was too good to leave out. I mentioned that some people would say this place is too "pricey." I also said that I beg to differ, why? I believe you can't put a price on great food, great service, and a great time.

Oh but this blog isn't a review on Mona Lisa, I'm just letting you guys take a look into my world! What I wore that day, was kind of experimental to be honest... I really wanted to try a new outfit and well... what do you think?
I actually call this look, "When In London" You''ll see why when you see my shirt

Gray Jeans from Whooped

Black Desert Boots from Sole Service

White "In London" T-Shirt, &
Gray coat from Bum

Swiss Expedition watch,
Rosary bracelet, &
Brown and yellow bracelets

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